Thursday is the day of cycling!

A wave of girls and boys, mums, dads and teachers will cycle to CEIP Josefina Aldecoaschool on Thursdays. This is a way of promoting clean transport, healthy exercise and to put their knowledge of road awareness into practise, explains Alberto Merchán, the teacher coordinating this project who teaches physical education and is head of the centre.

It’s a project which has been developing throughout the school year,about to come to an end, and it looks as though it will continue due to the brilliant response it’s had which «has exceeded expectations» according to Merchán. More than 50 students participate formally, as well as those that join occasionally, such as those who took part last Thursday, wanting to try it out before the summer holidays begin.

It was a challenge that the teachers of Josefina Aldecoa have managed to arrange and organise such that the parents have accepted the proposal. There are two routes that leave from La Cala and Chilches at 8 in the morning, stopping along the way to keep everyone together. They are always accompanied by parents and teachers, and a support car to take bags to the school.


The meeting point for the two groups is in the Las Gaviotas zone, to ride the final stretch all together, some by bike, some by foot. The steep road that leads to the classrooms is the final test for the team of cyclists that ride perfectly equipped with their high visibility jackets and hats.

As well, next year they will have a horn, given to the participants as a summer farewell to this initiative which will, without doubt, continue in the next school year with more members.

Alberto comments that it’s an initiative that has already caught on in a school in El Palo and he thinks it’s a brilliant idea to suggest in the workplace. Now it’s «the day of the week anticipated by everyone, the children tell you that they go to class with a different mind-set, and you do too. You face the day in a different way».

There’s no age limit, it’s just important that you can ride a bike. However, the falls are there to learn from, which is why 4 year old children already dare to ride the route with the best escorts possible: the whole family, all starting the day actively, healthily and enjoying the bike lane along the beach through Rincón de la Victoria.

De Inglaterra,donde reside actualmente. Licenciada en filología hispánica. Trabajó en 2014 como auxiliar de conversación en Rincón de la Victoria.

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