This Christmas in Rincón: Encarni Navarro Zanbomba, theathres and chocolate

navidadRincon de la Victoria will host the Zambombá show by the Malagueñan Encani Navarro and friends on 20th and 21st December in The Muses of La Cala del Moral , an act included in the Christmas program which will feature local artists , theaters, meeting of the pastoral and the procession of Kings.

The Christmas program will begin with the lighting of the Christmas lights, and chocolate tasting of Christmas sweets on 5 December at the Plaza de la Constitution. This event will give way to the Medieval Market which opens on 6 December from 12.00 in the Plaza Al Andalus. Also the Municipal Crib will be inaugurated this year by the Association Rociero Marenga , on Sunday 8th 18.00 in the courtyard of City Hall .

It is a musical event that will join over another twenty scheduled activities ” for all ages , to be held at various centers, with events that include the participation of manymunicipality groups” , claimed at a press conference the mayor, Francisco Salado.

The Muses theater will host performances such as ‘ El Farol ‘ the Zambombá Flamenca, Elan Quartet concert or Christmas Carol. The Folklore Center in Benagalbón will be another scenario where the Encuentro Pastoral or Victoria Gospel Choir will be held . This year the III Rincon gameswill be from 26 thDecember to 4th January in the Municipal Covered Pavilion inTorre de Benagalbón . Traditional Christmas concerts are also to be held and as a finale the Procession of the Three Kings on January 5th from Los Rubios to La Cala del Moral.

The Councillor of Culture, José Antonio Martín , said that “this year we have collected the complete schedule in a brochure that we launched in advance so that every one knows of the activities to be held in the town ” .

Christmas Schedule 2013

December 5
12:00: Opening exhibition Art Fund and Bibliographical City of Rincon de la Victoria.
Location: Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana .

18:30: Opening of the Christmas lights and Christmas cakes with chocolate .
Location: Plaza de la Constitution.

December 6
Opening of the Medieval Market .
Location: Plaza Al – Andalus.12 : 00 h .

December 7
20.00 h: Teatro El Farol .
Venue: The Muses . Price: 3 euros.

December 8 .
18:00: Opening of the Municipal crib conducted by the Association Rociero Marenga .
Place:City Hall courtyard

December 12
13:00 : Opening Exhibition Hall Mare Nostrum ,Doña Carmen Collective Association .

December 13
18.00: Victoria Gospel Choir .
Location: Benagalbón Folklore Center .

December 14
19:00: Meeting of Pastoral .
Location: Benagalbón Folklore Center .

December 15
20:00 pm : Christmas Concert . Santa Cecilia and Marina Rojas choir benefits for Social Commissary .
Location: Church Ntra sra de la Victoria Rincón de la Victoria.

December 19
20:00 pm : Christmas Concert . Malaga Accordion Association
Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana .

20th and 21st December
21:00 : Zambombá Flamenca.
Venue: Sala las Musas .
Price : 5 euros .

December 26 th- January 4th
16:00 to 20:00 : III Rincon Games.
Location: Municipal Covered Pavilion .
Price: 3 euros children and 1 euro adults.

December 27
20:00 : Concert Verve Quartet.
Venue: Sala las Musas.
Price: 3 euros.

December 28
19:00 to 21:00 h. (two functions).
Theatre . Christmas Carol .
Sala las Musas .
Price: 3 euros.

January 5
12:00: Welcome to Their Majesties the Kings at City Hall.
Procession of Three Wise Men
From 16:00 h . from Los Rubios to La Cala del Moral.

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