The most important moments of 2014 in Rincon de la Victoria

pasotiempo2014 has been a year marked by political corruption, the abdication of King Juan Carlos I, the growth of new groups such as Podemos and Ciudadanos after the European elections in May, the Russian invasion in Ukraine, millions of deaths from Ebola and the beginning of talks between Cuba and the EU. But, what have been the most memorable moments in Rincon de la Victoria this year?

– The Partido Popular party alone passed the higher sewage system tax and a private road for vehicles belonging to the communities of homeowners, worsening January’s slippery slope for those in Rincon.
– The police unit asked that the ‘Junta de Andalucia’ dismantle a local place organising illegal games of poker, in which 5475 euros in cash was seized.
– The platform for education spoke out, demanding a fourth school in Rincon, by carrying out a lock-in within the town council from 5pm until 1am the following morning.
– The Guardia Civil revealed the suspected perpetrator of December 2013’s crime, in which a woman was killed along the promenade in La Cala.
– A new association was created: ‘Luz de Esperanza’, organising group sessions to stimulate self-esteem and well-being.
– La Cala del Moral Malaka Youth’s reggae band was proclaimed winner of the Rototom.
– All of the opposition groups in de Rincón de la Victoria’s town council: PSOE, IU, PA and PSIRV, requested a special plenary session to debate and try to stop the construction of a new rugby pitch, and change the destiny of this grant given by Malaga’s ‘Diputación Provincial’.
– A beach bylaw created problems, also at a national level, with potential sanctions for unauthorised ‘moragas’ (people grilling sardines), publicity, sand-castles and sculptures.
– During their cultural week, Benagalbón held the first short film competition, CORTOBEN, organised by the Izquierda Unida.
– The AMUAXA association organised a swimwear fashion show for women with a mastectomy.
– Rincón held the first DecaTriathlon, with more than 300 athletes, where the young Malaguenian, Alejandro Cañas (00:55:51) and Beatriz Jiménez (01:03:30), from Alhaurin, received first place positions in their respective categories.
– The XVI tapas festival (Feria de la Tapa) in Rincón de la Victoria generated close to 310,000 euros of economic activity during four days in which more than a hundred tapas were consumed.


– The town council inaugurated the Virgen del Carmen promenade, next to the beach’s El Tajo alcove, before the day in which thousands of fishermen congregated on the beaches of La Cala and Rincón.
– The Guardia Civil seized one of the biggest weapons stores known in Spain, found in a garage in La Cala del Moral.
– “Hasta luego LUKAS, recorriendo millas” is the initiative set up by a family with an autistic son, in Rincón de la Victoria. It aims to raise awareness through a cycle ride in which Luis, the father of the child, rides along the Camino de Santiago, starting at Roncesvalles.
– The person suspected of stealing a motorbike and selling it on the internet was arrested.
– The CEIP Los Jarales school began the new school year in its new buildings after spending years in prefabricated classrooms.
– More than 500 kilos of free anchovies were given out in the traditional fish festival, bringing an end to the summer season.
– The Izquierda Unida’s youth organisation carried out an autumn festival, in which a youth music band competition livened up the leisure activity scene.
– A boat holding 25 immigrants was intercepted in the Rincón de la Victoria area.
– Workers shut themselves in the town council after a disagreement to overhaul the unjust redundancies in the collective convention that was stopped in 2012 with a decree authorised by the mayor.
– The youth association Rincón en Lucha organised a football tournament in protest, to demonstrate young people’s sport needs within the municipality.
– A trusted person within Rincón de la Victoria’s town council (governed by the Partido Popular) was accused of invoicing the ‘Diputación de Málaga’ almost 60,000 euros through the construction material business, for which they are the administrator.
– The opposition groups reported that Endesa-Enel Sole, the company awarded the contract, failed to comply with the electrical energy contract of public lighting from 20th August 2013.

Victoria Contreras
Periodista con más de siete años de experiencia en medios y comunicación institucional en Málaga y Rincón de la Victoria. Co-fundadora de La Voz de Hoy en septiembre de 2012 con el objetivo de dar un espacio de información, opinión y participación a la ciudadanía. Sin periodismo no hay democracia.

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