The legalisation of 9 chiringuitos in Rincón de la Victoria will be completed within the next few months

chiringoFrancisco Conejo, the secretary of Institutional Politics in Andalucia’s PSOE, defended the measures put in place by the government of Susana Díaz, in order to accelerate the legalisation of chiringuitos, which will create certainty within the sector, promoting investment and creating employment.

Last week Conejo met with the vice president of the Beach Business Association of the Malaga province, Rafael Romero, in one of Rincón de la Victoria’s chiringuitos together with the socialist spokesperson for the municipality, Encarnación Anaya. After this meeting, Conejo showed his support for these establishments and has said that the collaboration between the administrations – the ‘Junta’ and the town councils – and the businesses within the sector is ‘fundamental’ for the chiringuitos to be able to normalise their legal situation as soon as possible.


With this in mind, the socialist representative mentioned how, in June, the president of the ‘Junta’, Susana Díaz, promised to accelerate the procedure for the authorisation of chiringuitos. Consequently, a solution was passed by the ‘Consejería de Medio Ambiente’ in which the main people from the ‘Delegaciones Territoriales de Agricultura, Pesca y Medio Ambiente’ are given the power to grant authorisations within the public maritime land domain.

“Thanks to this new procedure, in the next few months the majority of the 742 beachside establishments, commonly known as chiringuitos, found in Andalucía and fundamentally in the provinces of Málaga, Cádiz, Almería y Huelva, will be legalised. The territorial offices are working with the town councils and with the sector’s businesses to speed up the authorisations”, Conejo underlined.


In terms of Málaga, the Andalucian province with the most chiringuitos, Conejo indicated that the ‘Junta’ anticipates settling the authorisation of the 63 chiringuitos in the Axarquia area: 9 in Rincón de la Victoria, 40 in Vélez-Málaga and 14 in Torrox. Of these 63, 16 will be added that have not yet had their plans and construction authorised (15 in Rincón de la Victoria and 1 in Algarrobo). Conejo noted that these 63 authorisations will be completed “provided that the town councils carry out the procedures that are necessary”. “On this topic, I insist that institutional collaboration is very important”, he added.

According to Conejo, of the 742 registered chiringuitos along the Andalucian coast, 290 were pending legalisation. Of these, 80% are found in a relatively easy position to normalise their legal situation, while the remaining 20% will require a more detailed examination. The socialist spokesperson has backed the decision to hand over the ability to consent legalisation to the territorial offices. “It’s a logical issue: each province is different and each zone along the andalucian coast has its own special features. This proximity is necessary in order to be able to culminate this process as soon as possible”, she stated.

Victoria Contreras
Periodista con más de siete años de experiencia en medios y comunicación institucional en Málaga y Rincón de la Victoria. Co-fundadora de La Voz de Hoy en septiembre de 2012 con el objetivo de dar un espacio de información, opinión y participación a la ciudadanía. Sin periodismo no hay democracia.

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