The feria in La Cala gives out 600 charitable tickets for children’s attractions.

Feria de La cala 2014. Foto de archivo LVDH.

Yesterday, the councillor of ‘Ferias y Fiestas’ in Rincon’s town council presented the poster and program for La Cala del Moral’s feria which is currently in full swing up until the 5th July. Its social aspect has brought something new, offering 600 tickets for children’s attractions which the experts in social wellbeing are giving out to families in vulnerable situations.

It’s a festival “organised by all and for all”, declared the councillor of the area,Alina Caravaca (IU), in the open council meeting for Citizens Participation. “The locals have proposed and voted for the announcement maker this year to be Pedro FernándezIbar, as well as the performances and other initiatives that have been included in the program”.

The mayoress of Rincon, Encarnación Anaya (PSOE), has emphasised “the participation of locals concerning the desired format of the feria and the collaboration of groups such as ‘La Peña’‘El Chambel’ and the ‘AsociaciónRecreativa’ among others. As well as this they have also put into practice one of the main ideas of this government which are the social policies”. The governor has invited citizens and visitors to enjoy a few days of meeting with friends and family.


Among the changes this year are the alteration to the location and timetable for the meals for 300adults, and the extra two hours added to the daytime feria, making it last from 12:00 until 21:00.

As well, for the first time the sound will be the same in both of the daytime feria tent’s locations: the Plaza La Laguna and Gloria Fuertes. The municipality’s tent will be situated in the Llano de Las Palmeras.

The designer for the poster this year is the young graphic designer from the locality, Antonio Vertedor. The budget for the Feria de La Caladel Moral is 15,000 euros which will be detailed more once the feria is over, so as to put the policy of transparency into effect.The feria in La Cala gives out 600 charitable tickets for children’s attractions.

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