The Education’s platform in Rincón will complain tomorrow with a performance

plataformaeducacionThe Education’s Platform in Rincón met some weeks ago in the town’s library Antonio de Hilaria to discuss the possible actions facing the administrations constructions practice of the fourth high school demanding by teachers, parents and students since the year before. Finally, everyone decided to do a walk against on Sunday 15 of December which would live from La Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana at 11.30 towards Town Council and then they will do an education performance.

A sit down pacific walk, stop classes, go to the door of administration, hand out flyers…were the many options that everyone agreed since they were tired with Town Council and Junta de Andalucía not taking responsibility of the ground, documentation, flooring problems. “We want a high school now”, said the banner which parents of Josefina Aldecoa cames.

For many months, the education community is waiting for an answer to know their children will have a center where they can continue their secondary studies but it looks as if burocracie is delaying the high school for Torre de Benagalbón area. Now, as one of the mother, the problem is the flooring there are because it’s beside the river ant it needs a retainer walls to avoid problems in the building.

This way, the councilor of Education an Sports, Lydia Montes, said in the meeting: “the technicians from the Town Council have answer to the demands from la Junta, but this administration ask for a new documentation every 3 months and that delay the project”.

Botch the teachers and the parents coincide don’t understand the steps to be taken. They are only tired. As citizens they want to an agreement for the new center to be ready by 2015 and they need at least one part of the 2014 budget to start the work.

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