The association of residents of Torreon de Albendas and Granadillas inaugurated its headquarters

granadillaskilosThe association of residents of Torreon de Albendas and Granadillas inaugurated its headquarters in the former rural school Acebuchal thanks to the work and generosity of many who have offered what they had, even if ” time and hands to work , for unemployed ” , as highlighted by the President , Manolo Salado.

The face of satisfaction of many of those attending, highlighted how everyone’s work has led to a reality , to a venue where the association of residents of the area will give workshops , attend lectures , make meals and meet every month to organize events, request improvements to the City or just to have a physical space for meeting and discussion .

About a year ago , Manolo Salado began efforts to rehabilitate this former rural school that the Diocesan Foundation Santa Maria de la Victoria had used for teaching . ” First he asked for a space from the Rincon de la Victoria Town council, but when denied , I thought it would be good idea to recover this chapel where three generations have been taking lessons ” he explains.

Food for the needy instead of the fairs fireworks
One has provided the door , other concrete, another painting , another has done plumbing arrangements , others have donated the meeting table , closet, others have cleared trees … and even what was tasted at the inaugaration also came from individual contributions of many of the residents .

” As president I am very proud to inaugurate this venue thanks to all who have contributed so selflessly to make this a reality ,” said Salado in a ceremony where he handed over a check for € 450 to Celia thanks to the solidarity riding route , and delivery of foods to the Red Cross and Rincon Contigo, which had been purchased with the money saved from the fireworks of the last Granadillas fair.

Improving the environment
Since October 2011 when the neighborhood association of Granadillas and Torreon de AlbenDas was established, they have made cultural tours , charity events , pilgrimages , walking trails , Mountain Bike Race , meetings … all in the house of the neighbors or the local restaurant in Los Morenos .

They are already more than 200 members , some distributed around Spain and even abroad who have moved for work , but their heart is Granadillas and when they return home , they care for their environment.

They will continue doing activities , meetings, courses, lectures , but above all the neighbors of Granadillas and Torreon de AlbenDas remain united in the struggle for improving their environment demanding pavements , lighting , parks , sports ,demanding solutions to the problem of the isolation of the creek area when it rains … “because over the highway is also part of Rincon ” says Manolo Salado.

To top of the opening event and to liven up the evening the musician , Juan Carlos Gutierrez Galindo native of theregion and internationally known , delighted the audience with the sound of the strings of his guitar in a night that showed how much the working together and altruism of the neighbors of Granadillas and Torreon de AlbenDas can do.

This news article has been translated by members of the New Residents and Foreign Association of Malaga. If you would to become a member or further details please contact Aprile Winterstein 630927226 or in their Facebook page

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