Sustainable Mobility Plan


anremlogoThe Department of Environment of the City of Rincon de la Victoria has begun work on the first Sustainable Mobility Plan of the municipality, along with representatives of the Malavaina Environmental Association, Green Bikes Company , the Merchants and Businessmen Association ( ACERV ) and the Rinconbus public transport company.

Among the main actions to contemplate in this first part of the Sustainable Mobility Plan were highlighted, as explained by the area councilor , Sergio Diaz , measures to ” encourage the use of bicycles and public transportation as usual and convenient transportation in favor of intermodality between public transport , bicycles and pedestrians , while insisting that the objectives are” to reduce the problems of accessibility and pollution , and improve mobility in the municipality. “
As promotion for the use of bicycles , various measures have been proposed , such as; placing bicycle parking in different parts of town , labeling bicycle lanes on the main roads and habilitate a number of parking spaces in the public parking to park bicycles.


The partners involved have also suggested the possibility that business owners and marketers hand out special parking tickets or bus tickets if you purchase at partner institutions in order to encourage the use of public parking Green bike has also suggested closing the city center t traffic at weekends .

It will also continue the implementation of environmental education campaigns in schools in the municipality with the program Ecoescuela in which six schools are working. The work group will establish a schedule of meetings for the preparation and monitoring of the first Mobility Plan for Rincon de la Victoria

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