Rincón’s Storage Room


trasteroFrom a mobile battery for fifty cents to a bronze ceiling lamp for €650, there is a wide range of discarded household items. That is the ‘El Trastero’, the new shop in Rincón de la Victoria which within three months has bucked the trend.
The objective is that people clear their houses and any items in food condition; they bring to ‘El Trastero’ to be sold. Maria del Mar Sánchez explains “before the crisis everyone wanted new things, but times have changed and objects that are barely used can be purchased at a good price, even if they are second hand”.

For example; baby items, such as cots, chairs and clothing are often hardly used and after three months or so, the money is lost. By selling these items in the shop, some of the money can be made back.


Zero Euros of investment

The shop owners do not buy anything, they are intermediaries. People arrive with their articles and put a reasonable price on it and then leave it for 6 months. When the item is sold the seller gets 65% of the proceeds, and the shop received 35%. If after the 6 month period the item is not sold, it is returned to the original owner, or donated to charity.

In this way, the shop claims that in the first 3 months of trading they have not had to pay out anything, “everything is profit”. Maria del Mar and her partner were unemployed and decided to try something new. At the moment they cannot complain.

All kinds of items make up the store on Avenida del Mediterraneo, from paddle racquets to analogue cameras, books and flamenco dresses. Because the premises are small, social networks are sometimes used to bring together buyers and sellers, without going through the store.
They have clients in Málaga, Vélez Málaga, foreigners…but above all people see it as a good opportunity to get rid of old ‘junk’ and make a little money at the same time, as well as maybe catching a bargain in the process. “There are people who come in daily to see anything new” Maria says, “and sometimes people ask me directly to find someone who can take their items”

This idea is a little unusual in Spain, but in neighbouring countries, such as England, it is quite normal. They even have second hand markets on specific days of the week in designated places to allow people to sell on their unwanted items.

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