Rincon’s councillor of employment resigns due to ‘Edu’ case

In a press conference on Wednesday evening, Rincon de la Victoria’s town council made public the resignation of the now ex-councillor of employment and training, Manuel Sánchez, in order to “prevent the deterioration and wear of his public image, that of his family, his business and the party he represents”.


Faced with the incidents on Monday and the information that appeared in the media related to the ‘Edu’ case, the councillor responsible for APAL Delphos and civil protection at Rincon de la Victoria’s town council wanted to explain that “the incidents that are being investigated are from 2010, a year in which I held no public position”. The grant given by the ‘Junta de Andalucia’ was for an assistant cooking course and is related to his professional activity.

The councillor joined the legislative body in February 2013 due to the dismissal of Antonio González, who discredited the socialists in a personal Facebook post, comparing them with ETA members.


In his declarations it was confirmed that the course was taught as normal and its documentation was approved by the ‘Junta de Andalucia’. As well, Manuel Sánchez has, in his possession, the decision made by the Junta’s administration approving the final settlement of the training course, amounting to 5,734,93 euros in credit. This document was given in during his statement to the Police, as, due to its recent date relative to the 26th January 2015, it was not documented in the investigation procedures. The councillor is convinced that “if the authorities that are investigating the case had had this document, I wouldn’t have been asked to declare or to be a part of this lawsuit”.  

Sánchez appears in the accredited documentation for the course as a coordinator and director, a figure stated in the order of the ‘Junta de Andalucia’. For these reasons, he earned 10,000 euros for the course which includes the 6 months in which the training course took place, plus the duration before and after, in which he prepared documentation for the records. “It’s not true that I earned 5000 euros a month as some media have published”, he stated in the conference.

Although the order of the ‘Junta’ only required one teacher for the training, three were contracted in order to try and improve the quality of the course. All of them had the qualifications required by the ‘Junta de Andalucia’ and the course was taught, as normal, to 14 students.

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