Organized Pilgrimage to El Rocío 23rd March

marengaThe Association Nuestra Seṅora del Rocío Marenga de Rincón de la Victoria has organized a trip to the Villa de Almonte to coincide with the annual pilgrimage to the plants of María Santísima Del Rocío on Saturday 23rd March. This also coincides with the coming of the Virgin del Rocío and the bicentenary of the Rocío Chico, Thanksgiving.

The pilgrimage costs €20 per person and departs from Rincón de la Victoria and Cala del Moral. It will visit the Blanca Palomar, with a mass sung by a choir and there will be a small pilgrimage through the streets of the municipality close to the Hermandad de Nuestra Seṅora Del Rocío, the godmother of the association and the Association Rociera de Móstles de Madrid.
Tickets are available from la Casa-Hermandad of the association in Calle Limonero, (next to the Cruz Roja in Rincón de la Victoria) from Monday to Thursday 16:00to 20:00hours and on Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00. You can also contact via e-mail marengarincó or by phone on 671 12 62 69. Registration is open until all places are filled.


06:45 – Rincón de la Victoria Ayuntamiento, Hermandad de la Association and Plaza de Don Antonio Estrada.
08:30- Stop in Aguadulce
11.15 -Arrive at Almonte
11:30- Procession through the town of Almonte
12:00 – Solemn Mass at eh image of the Lady of El Rocío
13:00-16:45 Visit to the villa de Almonte
17:00 – Depart Almonte to Málaga
21:00 – Arrive back in Rincón

This news article has been translated by members of the New Residents and Foreign Association of Malaga. If you would to become a member or further details please contact Aprile Winterstein 630927226.


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