Rincón Contigo raffles a flamenco dress to collect money for local families most in need


rinconcontigoferiaThe Rincón Contigo association is giving away a Toñi Gutiérrez flamenco dress, from Adha Modas, in a raffle, in order to collect donations and enable them to continue helping families in need in Rincón de la Victoria. The winning number will be decided in the ONCE raffle on the 11th August so the dress will be ready to wear for the first time at Málaga’s feria.

Tickets will be sold for one euro in the Hermanos López butchers, the AJ Martin photography shop, the clothes shop ‘Velvet’, hairdressers, Radio Victoria and Rincón Contigo’s feria tent which will be in the feria precinct between the 16th and the 20th July.


If you would like to see the dress, in addition to the photographs, you can find it displayed in the shop window of the men and women’s fashion store ‘Velvet’, situated at nº 129 along the ‘avenida del Mediterráneo’.

Charitable feria tent
For the third consecutive year, the Rincón Contigo association will be present in Rincón de la Victoria’s feria precinct, between the 16th and 20th July, due to the feria in honour of the Virgen Carmen.

The profits from the collection in their feria tent will contribute to the work they do during the year, helping those families within the municipality that are most in need by buying food, school materials and toys for the children, or paying bills and basic necessities, among others.

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