Origin of the name Rincón de la Victoria


anremlogoIn the era of the Catholic Kings in 1487 the land round about here was given to a brotherhood of Friars who used tha area as a retreat to pray to their saint The Virgin of the Victory. Because the area was only inhabited by fisherman and was considered to be on the furthest corner of the municipality it was given the name Rincón de la Victoria.

Likewise the name for La Cala received the name because it was a cove full of Mulberry trees. (Morales) Benagalbón, on the other hand, comes for the Arabic for house, Ben, and Galb, which was the name of an important family who settled in the area.
La Voz de Hoy, thanks to local man Antonio de Hilera, who has managed to gather together an archive of local news and photographs over the last 50 years, is featuring a new section which will detail issues that occurred in the area in the past that were published in the media, as well as historic moments, customs and past traditions or the area.



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