One hundred kilos of waste is being cleaned up daily along the cliffs of ‘El Cantal’.

acantiladosSince last Monday, the environment office has been cleaning the ‘El Cantal’ cliffs; a coastal stretch that links the hearts of ‘La Cala del Moral’ and ‘Rincon de la Victoria’. According to the councillor in charge, Sergio Diaz, the works will be put into practise along an area of a few thousand linear metres.

The city councillor has indicated that, throughout the week, the team carrying out these works has cleaned up a hundred kilos of solid urban waste daily. He has also anticipated that cleaning of the graffiti painted along the rocks will begin in the next few days.

Díaz has emphasised the need to carry out the cleaning of these cliffs due to the dirty state in which they are found in as a consequence of the waste produced by pedestrians throughout the past few years. The person responsible for the environment has appealed for all citizens to act in a civilised manner in order to conserve and maintain a natural environment where species close to extinction exist, such as the ‘Limonium malacitanum’ plant which is found only in the coastal zones surrounding Malaga.

‘Viam Muneris’, a business specialising in vertical works, is carrying out this cleaning given the geomorphological conditions of the zone. The budget for the task is 3.351,70 euros.

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