On Sunday 4th October Rincón’s education platform and its supporters are speaking up

The education platform, Rincón Educa, has called for everyone in Rincón de la Victoria to take part in a protest on Sunday 4th October, for the construction of the school in Torre de Benagalbón. It’s set to start at 11:30 from the Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana.

Mothers, fathers, students, previous students, residents in general, associations, and political representatives have organised this peaceful protest which will leave from the Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana towards the town square where their manifesto will be read.

As the signs announce “it’s time to participate and demonstrate that the whole town wants the school”. For the protest, Rincón Educa asks that everyone involved wears green t-shirts in order to be visible, and whistles in order to be heard.


Non-legal proposal

Rincón Educa is driving a non-legal proposal so that all political groups in the Andalucian parliament join and instigate the government of the Junta de Andalucía to get rid of the expenses, including those on the proposals of 2015, for the construction of the new school.

The widespread growth within the education centres of Rincón de la Victoria is negatively affecting the quality of teaching and supposes a real danger for the security and integrity of students and employees.

De Inglaterra,donde reside actualmente. Licenciada en filología hispánica. Trabajó en 2014 como auxiliar de conversación en Rincón de la Victoria.

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