New York photograph exhibition

edurosaMalaga Photographer Edu Rosa last Friday inaugurated his New York photograph exhibition in the Axarquia Room of the Bezmiliana High school in Rincon de la Victoria. It is about the last trip he made and in his photos he shows his vision of this city ” cosmopolitan, friendly, full of people, but at the same time with a society marked by loneliness and individualism “.

Edu Rosa has dedicated over 16 years to photography, especially, social and documentary travel using literature as his bibliography and in this way showing through his eyes the images he exposes. Central station, the financial district , Fifth Avenue , Harlem … a tour of this great city that has been photographed hundreds of times , but each time through the author’s eyes .

Accompanied by friends, family and school staff, Edu Rosa opened his collection that has already been in Malaga and Madrid, and will remain in Rincon until 15th November. The center’s director and one of the managers of the room had words of presentation and then gave way to the Novis Carlota performance (voice) and Jesus Chico (piano) who interpreted tunes related to New York City.

Art at school
The exhibits in schools are part of a program “Art School” in which students work on painting, sculpture, photography from a closer perspective where the authors explain their techniques and make them interested in the practical art world.

On this occasion , Edu Rosa will work with students in 4th ESO on documentary photography , how to edit , to tell a story with few images , how to do a presentation well and he is going to propose to them to do a workshop of their city : Rincon de la Victoria . “I will try to make them show their perspective of Rincon and perhaps lead to another exhibition in the center ,” says the photographer.

Edu Rosa confessed he is currently making up a collection of his works carried out over the past 20 years which he has dedicated to photography to produce a book with the best shots.

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