New Workshops in Folklore Centre in Benagalbón

cartelbenagalbonThe new schedule for the Folklore centre in Benagalbón will focus its activities on the ‘Verdiales Festival’ and the traditional music of the province. There will be performances and theatre workshops.
On 17th May at 9pl there will be a show ‘Dando el Cante’ in which Inma ‘La Bruja’ creates a monologue interlaces with songs. The show is free.

On 18th May the Artist, Carmen Tomé will talk about the songs and traditions of Málaga.


Musician, Miguel Angel Beralanga, Philologists, Antonio Estepa and Juan Benitez, anthropologist, Antonio Mandly, poet Teresa Aguilar, Professor Pepa Gómez and the cultural association of our Lady of Sorrows folklore will spend the day at the centre to offer round tables and conferences.

Applications for this can be made online at .

The activities will continue on 25th May which is a holiday in Benagalbón, when there will be performances of works written by the students in workshops that have been held since last October. It will conclude on 31st May with ‘la panda de verdiales.’

This news article has been translated by members of the New Residents and Foreign Association of Malaga. If you would to become a member or further details please contact Aprile Winterstein 630927226.


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