New investments for the caves

anremlogoThe Diputacion de Málaga has approved two of the three projects aimed at improving the caves in Cala del Moral. The aim is to remove all the algae, change the lighting and the outdoor signage. In total €91,000 is being allocated to improve this local tourist attraction.

The first €47,000 is being used to remove the algae, change the lighting and clean the inside of the caves. Another €16,000 is intended to improve the archaeological park, which features views over Cala del Moral, by replanting trees and installing street lighting, as well as installing bins and benches for public use.
A further €28,000 is pending, but if approved will be used to improve signage and guardrail safety in the interior of the caves.

All improvements are being supervised by an archaeologist to ensure the area maintains its heritage.
The overall aim is to increase the number of visitors to the Caves, currently standing at about 29,000 annually.


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