Musical therapy for the mind and body

Sesión músicoterapia

Eastern and Andalusian music therapy, La Musicoterapia Oriental y Andalusí, works using different scales and oriental tones called Makams that generate wellbeing in the body on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. They bring order, beauty and harmony, creating feelings of peace, happiness and confidence for the listener through the connection with every part of the body, explains Béjar.

It’s all to do with a curative technique through music that has been used for more than a thousand years in the Middle East and Central Asia. From there, it extended with success to Al-Andalus, being applied in hospitals as another branch of medicine. In the tenth century the Turkish scientist Ibn Sina (Avicena) revealed the healthbenefits of this technique, the reason for which it was used in hospitals during the Ottoman Empire up until the nineteenth century. After this, it disappeared due to the appearance of Western medicines.

In more recent times, this knowledge has been revived and used by the doctor of psychology and medicine RahmiOruçGuvenc from Istanbul who has founded schools in Turkey, Austria, Germany and Spain.


After explaining the history of music as therapy in different cultures, Ignacio Béjar begins to make music with the instruments that surround him, bringing a sense of order, harmony and feeling, as if the sound comes from the far east. The Turkish ‘ney’ instrument, the Arabic oud, the Turkish clarinet, Tibetan cups and the rebab bring vibrations into the present that feel as though they’re from another era, creating a state of calm for the session.

More than ten people use the group sessions of musical therapy that Ignacio Béjar offers each month in the Rubayat centre. He also offers individual sessions for those that have specific problems to address or specific feelings that they wish to free themselves from. There are people that regularly attend and those that join for the first time through curiosity, each one with a different experience.

Laid down on a thin canvas on the floor with a cushion to support their head and a blanket to keep warm, everyone closes their eyes and lets the music take them wherever IgnacioBéjar channels the energy, transmitting it through the sound of the music. He can vary the scales and tones to target a specific zone within the body or for a specific reason, for example: to improve the self-confidence of those attending.

Some have transcendental experiences, others disconnect from the real world and many feel as though the musical vibrations pass through their bodies and give them a meditative state in which they are conscious of situations that their daily lives don’t give them the opportunity nor the time to think about.

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De Inglaterra,donde reside actualmente. Licenciada en filología hispánica. Trabajó en 2014 como auxiliar de conversación en Rincón de la Victoria.

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