Javier Almellones announces the XVII tapas festival in Rincon de la Victoria

On Wednesday afternoon, the anticipated announcement of the XVII tapas festival in Rincon de la Victoria was held, a date for which gastronomy has been transformed into tradition within Rincon’s municipality. The event took place in the tourist office’s main hall.

The announcement maker this year was Javier Almellones; journalist and gastronomic critic with a long career at the Diario Sur newspaper.

It’s an event with an ever growing involvement from a huge number of sectors and groups within Rincon de la Victoria, where no detail is left to the side, and where, in the words of Antonio Villodres, president of Rincon de la Victoria’s business and trade, the objective which was marked 17 years ago has now been more than exceeded.


The objective set out by the association nearly two decades ago was, on one hand, to make the most of the potential and the tourist appeal of Rincon de la Victoria in order to promote its gastronomy, based on quality products with a distinguishing mark, supported by something traditional; without forgetting the appeal of the landscape and tourism within the zone. As well, it was to attract the public from Malaga and, in a way, open their eyes to more than the chiringuitos and the beach.

The tapas festival’s progress and improvement, for Villodres, includes the involvement of more groups and entities, so he’s more than satisfied with what is on offer for this seventeeth edition.

The current mayor Francisco Salado emphasised the economic repercussions from the last tapas festival, with figures nearing the 300,000 euro mark and some 80,000 tickets issued. As well, it also influenced the amount of television coverage that the cooking world is having, and it showed the need to make the most of the event.

It was also given the publicity spot which will be broadcast on local televisions around the province as well as on radio stations and over the internet.

Almellones’s announcement, polite and precise, put emphasis on the international character of the cuisine that can be enjoyed in Rincon. He also stressed the importance of innovation and creativity in every environment, concepts with which the world of cooking is not unfamiliar. He highlighted the importance of the historic patrimony and the cultural legacy of the different civilisations that lived in Benagalbon and later in Rincon de la Victoria.

After the applause of the attending public, made up of more than 50 people, he was given a commemorative placard, from the hands of the business and trade association of Rincon de la Victoria. The audience also thanked the work of the current councillor for tourism, Marta Marín, giving her another placard.

Marín, who leaves her post in the next term, couldn’t contain her surprise and tears in a short speech in which she thanked, from the heart, the hard work, effort and dedication of her municipal team.
After the festival presentation, the announcement maker and the audience could enjoy a feast arranged by the business and trade association in Rincon de la Victoria, where, among other tapas, they could taste exquisite ‘tortillas de patatarellenas’.

The tapas festival will be held in the now traditional marquee situated in front of the tourist office along the seafront of Rincon de la Victoria, from next Thursday 4th June, until Sunday 7th. La voz de hoy will not forget this date, where we will be collecting the testimonies of those that come down to give their taste buds a treat.


De Inglaterra,donde reside actualmente. Licenciada en filología hispánica. Trabajó en 2014 como auxiliar de conversación en Rincón de la Victoria.

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