IU Rincón’s suggests creating a tax on big commercial spaces, setting aside the revenue for small businesses

comerciocerradoThe IzquierdaUnida (IU) group in Rincón de la Victoria has collected a total of 307 signatures in support of a proposal to put a tax on big commercial spaces in order to set the takings aside for the reactivation of small businesses, according to their announcement.

The city councillors, Pedro FernándezIbar and Concha Cabezas, have registered the initiative in order to take it to a debate in the next municipal plenary session in an attempt to protect the small businesses and prevent their disappearance. As they say, they’ve found more than 40 closed businesses in Rincon de la Victoria, “many old as well as new that have perished”.

The IU suggests creating a purpose based tax for the large spaces in order to strengthen the traditional Andalucian business, as they consider this a ‘supportive, redistributor of the wealth, a bid for progressive taxation that permits the access to finance for small and medium sized businesses, in aid of those that generate employment and economy in Rincón de la Victoria”

At the beginning of the campaign to collect signatures,FernándezIbar held a meeting with the board of directors of the ‘Asociación de Comerciantes y Empresarios de Rincón de la Victoria (ACERV)’, in which the Andalucian member of parliament Lola Quintana participated. Ways to make the open shopping centre more attractive were considered and requests were collected, also for the hostelry association, in order to include them in the administration.

“The purpose is for traditional businesses to gain competitiveness and for more job opportunities to be created now that the number of unemployed in the municipality has increased to 4,963 people”, says the councillor of the IU in Rincón de la Victoria.

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