International Art Exhibition in Sala Mare Nostrum


anremlogoThere will be an exhibition of seven international artists in the Mare Nostrum until 8th February. The artists all live in the Málaga province and will exhibit various styles; impressionist, cubist, and even textiles. The exhibition brings together differing visions from around the world.

Opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11.30 to 13.30 and 18.30 to 21.00hours and on Sundays 11.00 to 14.00.


Among those exhibiting are 2 Cuban artists. The first, Roger Ayala, paints in oil on canvas in the style of Cubism and his works have been described as a message of peace by critics. The second, Arcadio Thomas Capote Cabrera, is a surrealist painter and sculptor.

Eleazer Galea is Maltese and currently resides in Coin. He paints in oils and also produces sculptures as a tribute to the victims of the Civil War in Almáchar.

Karen Singh is a Danish artist who came to Spain in 1978 with a business in fashion and interior design. Her painting is Abstract and has been exhibited around the country.

Olivia Jennifer Garner is British and has been exhibited in the UK, France, Malta, Cyprus, Australia, Germany, Ireland and Spain. She works especially in acrylics and her works have an immediacy and versatility.

Diana Worthy is also British and has been trained in ceramics. However, the art she creates by changing the colours of the alpaca fleeces she works with, which she feels brings a living, moving quality to her work.

Nalini Shanti Cook is Sri Lankan and her works recreate both Indian and Mediterranean landscapes. She uses a mixture of acrylic paints and oils using the inspiration of her travels. She currently resides in Villanueva de la Concepcion.

This news article has been translated by members of the New Residents and Foreign Association of Malaga. If you would to become a member or further details please contact Aprile Winterstein 630927226.

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