Increase in Fraudulent Claims


movilThis year 47% of the 322 claims brought to the consumer office in Rincón de la Victoria refer to problems with telephone companies. It seems that criminals are using personal and banking data of victims to set up telephone lines which are then charged to the victims’ account without their knowledge.

We are being advised not to give out data by telephone, or to make sure the conversation is being recorded. There has also been an increase in complaints about the telecommunications companies’ lack of clarity in the contracts and interruptions in service.
According to the Town Hall the 2nd most complained about are the electricity and water companies; representing 15% of the claims.


The office also receives complaints about lack of cleaning in bars, dog faeces on the paths and other such irritations.

The office for Consumers is not only in charge of face to face and telephone complaints they also go out into the municipality to investigate recurrent complaints.

They work closely with the police to deal with possible stolen and counterfeit goods and in 2011 they identified 29 watches that were allegedly forgeries.

In order to keep the public better informed and prevent future complaints they are holding two briefings in Los Hogares de Jubilados in la Cala del Moral and Torre de Benagalbón to explain consumer rights.

There are complaint forms available to consumers in all establishments and this should be the first thing to complete. The claimant should have two copies and send them to the Municipal office for processing. The dispute should be resolved within a month.

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