Hepatitis A has been detected in three educative centers in La Cala del Moral

vacunaAfter Christmas, two Primary School from La Cala del Moral received a call from Epidemic Service of la Junta de Andalucía in Málaga to notify that come hepatitis A cases in people linked to the center had been detected and for that reason, they would come vaccinated the first few days afterwards to students and teachers who could be infected, as one of the headmaster inform to La voz de hoy.

It seems, before Christmas holidays, in one of the kindergarten from this village or Rincón, the protocol started from Health office when they knew the one of student had taken the virus. Because of the young age of students in this center and to avoid and control the hepatitis A virus, all children have been vaccinated, teachers and also families to the infected students, that means close family.

However, in the primary school they have vaccinated only some class where there are infections, and the teachers who are in contact with this students because they are tutors, as this is what giving them extra classes or English, protocol said.

The headmaster of one of them explained that after receiving the telephone call from the Health Service, they sent an informative bulletin to parents and they made a meeting for the professionals could inform and not frighten, without need, about the situation and they were shown a film during the vaccination, to avoid they crying that jag causes.

The newspaper La Opinión de Málaga published there are in total 29 cases detected 13 children of La Cala and El Palo schools and 400 people had been vaccinated since November between students, teachers and families to control the virus being transmitted. From Health Service the situation is under control although some new cases could appear of people who have been in contacted with the virus one month ago since the period of the incubating is between 15 and 45 days.

“It’s an illness which has not consequences”
The doctor, Antonio Manteca, is general practitioner in the Health Center to El Palo and member of SAMFyC and he assure that “It is an illness without major consequences since it’s not like hepatitis B or C, which can be chronic. 40th or 50th years ago it was more common in Spain, something which has changed with the improvement of hygiene measures being endemic only in under develop countries”.

This virus is found in sediments of infected people or in the water or food that they could have be in contact with this. The main recommendation is to the wash ones hands, not to take raw food and built water so as to guarantee cleanliness.

Hepatitis A is an illness cause by a virus which is transmitted by the fecal-oral and usually has signed of general illness, sickness, fever, loss of appetite and pain in the liver area. According to doctor Manteca in children the symptoms are normally light, dominating by “a non clinical illness as there are no signes of infections”.

Manteca explains the virus in a second fase “when patient feels better, the symptoms can be white sediments, dark urine or itchy skin, so that means is hepatitis A and not gastroenteritis as can be though in some cases”.

It’s an illness which from the period of incubating until total hundred per cent recuperation can take three months and although the patient improves progresselly clinical test show that the virus still in his or her organism.

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