Guiritano: Calling New Foreign Tourists


guiritanoframeRincón de la Victoria has designed a new campaign to attract foreign tourists to the area, under the name Guiritano, which refers to a loving call to foreigners. Maria Marín the councillor for tourism is centring the campaign on the Fundación Cristina Heeren in the Málaga Folklore centre in Benagalbón.

The idea is that the students coming for the Flamenco will stay in the municipality and visit other tourist spots, whilst delving into the culture of the area and revisit with family and friends. The mayor believes that this new attraction will create more wealth in the area.
The promotional video was made with the aid of the Association of New Residents and Foreigners in Málaga (ANREM), La Peṅa Flamenca El Piyayo, and The Horse riding School Los Nogales, Benaoliva and Ivan, a Columbian dancer who owns a restaurant in Benagalbón.


Intensive Flamenco Course

The Fundacion Cristina Heeeren will be commissioned to give an intensive course in Flamenco in the summer from 5th to 30th August in Benagalbón. The classes will be both theoretical and practical. Fernando Iwasaki, the director of the Foundation has emphasised the non- profit and international scope of the project, whose sole purpose is to pass on and preserve the tradition of Flamenco.
The classes will be from Monday to Friday and cost €1500 per student. This foundation has 16 years of international experience with headquarters in New York and Seville. Its students come from all areas of the globe.

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