Get to know the town a little better with new, daily trips around Rincón de la Victoria


benagalbonFrom the 2nd of February and in pioneering form, the municipal office for foreign resident services in Rincón de la Victoria’s town council has begun a program of trips under the name: ‘Conóceme´, with the intention of bringing foreign residents closer to the main points of interest within the municipality, as has informed the councillor of the area, Carmen Millán.

It’s an initiative that “intends to provide the foreign residents, and the general public, with knowledge of the area in a fun way”, says the councillor, who assures that “the activity has emerged due to frequent visits from residents to the office asking for information about places to visit, cultural and leisure programmes and walking routes, etc”


The program offers free excursions, each morning from Monday to Friday, to the main points of touristic and social interest within the municipality, with information in Spanish, English and French. The weekly calendar begins on Monday with the first visit to the Torre de Benagalbón where there will also be a visit to the Paseo Ecológico de Los Rubios, Añoreta’s golf club, and the Torre Almenara, offering additional information about public services and where they’re located. On Tuesday the trip will be dedicated exclusively to visiting the Cueva del Tesoro in Rincón de la Victoria, and El Cantal. On Wednesday the program will be centred around a tour of the Rincon area, visiting the Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana, the Paseo Marítimo, and the Hornacina de la Virgen del Carmen as well as points of interest such as the market and public services. On Thursday the locality of Benagalbón will be visited, showing the Museo de Artes Populares, the church, the Plaza de las Flores as well as going around the tapas restaurants of the town. On Friday, the final day of the week, La Cala del Moral will be visited, walking along the Paseo Marítimo to the Sala Mare Nostrum, and the Casa de la Cultura.

The trips will leave at 11am with an approximate duration of two or three hours and pre-registration is not necessary. The tours are free apart from the transport and entrance into the Cueva del Tesoro and the Museo de Arte Populares. The program of excursions will be adapted according to demand.

The municipal office for foreign resident services is situated in the tourism office along the Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen, next to the taxi rank. It offers information to facilitate foreign residents such as registration of residency, taxes including municipal taxes, and other services connected to the town council. The opening hours for the public are from 9am until 2pm.

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