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anremlogoRobert Harvey, from La Candeleria in Benagalbón is t host an exhibition from the viewpoint of women, in which plastics artists Sonia Tena and Sabina Huber will display their works using fabric, clay or fishing wire to illustrate their thoughts and feelings. The exhibition is available to view till 19th April.
Sonia Tena has lives for many years in Macharaviaya and works in a pre-Columbian style pottery, claiming to be passionate about the cultures of the Incan and Aztec civilizations.

The figures selected for display re mostly female or hermaphrodite. One of the pieces reflects some of the desperation and anger of the society.
Sabina Huber is a German artist based in Rincon de la Victoria and is characterized through the creation of art using different materials such as fabrics, clay, marble, fishing line and ice. Each material has a different message, symbolizing different attitudes that we can have through life. Most of the works in the exhibition are part of a project to symbolize the different roads that we cross in our lives, through work, or dinner, or a visit to a loved one.


Huber is also exhibiting sculptures done by students in the centre which retrieve traditional games such as the spinning top and dancing. It is the second time that Sabin has worked directly with the students of La Candaleria; the first time received a national school award in 2011.
The exhibition is available during school hours from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 14:00 and also by appointment.


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