Ecological market and second hand market

iurincon2The current economic crisis is causing a decline in the purchase of consumer goods by the population. Instead of purchasing new products , many people now opt for fixing what is broken or , in many cases , they prefer purchasing second hand items in good condition. However, both decisions deal a blow to the first sale market , which thus suffers yet another blow as a result of the crisis and high

unemployment .
In this social context , the political group Izquierda Unida ( IU ) of Rincon de la Victoria proposes l several measures to the City Hall intended to help those in need of goods and services lacking the economic resources to access them. These measures made by the opposition party are basically two . The first revolves around the creation of a second hand market in the municipality . IU considers that,if this initiative were carried out, it would encourage other forms of environmentally friendly, more participatory and organized consumption.

A wide variety of objects , from crockery to toys

In addition , the installation of this market , will be according to IU , a tourist attraction at the weekend in Rincon de la Victoria . It is convenient to say that the day proposed by IU to develop this second hand market is Saturday . Specifically , two Saturdays a month .

The variety of used items that could be transferred by sale or barter , in this market is huge : from books and antiques to bicycles and toys to clothing , tableware and small appliances. They would also authorize the sale of fair trade products ,to promote solidarity among people.

It seeks to promote green products

Seen at street level , this initiative will encourage the reuse of used objects , enhancing ecological culture . From this point the second proposal submitted by IU has arised, which is none other than the launch of another market , this time , green products (those that are obtained through a collection of techniques that do not use chemicals ,like fertilizers , in order to preserve nature and increase soil fertility) and the development of a promotional campaign through publicity materials and organized annual conferences .

According to IU ,the enhancement of organic products is due to a greater social demand for food security and increasing concern for the care of the environment. Therefore, public authorities must carry out remedial actions . So it makes sense to introduce the so-called ‘ green sales’ in the town services . This concept refers to the integration of the environmental component in making purchasing decisions for goods and services , be they computers, characterized by energy efficiency, or food from organic farming.

Finally , in its proposal , Izquierda Unida reminds us that Malaga, with 33,233 hectares under organic products, is in the seventh position in respect to other Andalusian provinces , only being ahead of Almeria. On the other hand, Malaga leads the autonomous region in terms of imports with three of the five leading companies in this field .

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