David de María to perform at Rincón de la Victoria’s feria on the 20th July


daviddemariaAccording to the councillor of ‘Cultura, Ferias y Fiestas’, Antonio José Martín, the artist David de María will be the star act at Rincón de la Victoria’s feria this year, which takes place from the 15th until the 20th of July in honour of ‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’.

The singer and composer, David de María, has sold more than a million copies throughout the eight years of his musical career and he will perform his last album in Rincón de la Victoria, titled «Otras vidas», as well as his most successful songs. The concert, that’s free to enter, will be on the 20th of July at 23:30 in the municipality’s tent. The councillor has noted how «it’s satisfying to have the presence of an Andalusian artist of such status, recognised by his great musical career».


The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, has emphasised the support that the Ayuntamiento has given local artists. The ‘Hermanos Ortigosa’ will inaugurate the event with themes from their first recording «Hazme un sitio». This year, the distinction ‘Marengo de Honor’, will be for a guitarist who takes the name of Rincón de la Victoria wherever he goes: José Antonio Conejo, ‘el Niño Chaprarro’ as ‘Marengo de Honor’.

Salado has stressed the economic repercussion that these fiestas expect for the tourism and business sectors. «It’s a participative, friendly fiesta that brings thousands of visitors every year, above all on the day of ‘el Carmen’, and this presumes very important economic impact for our locality.»

One of the most popular moments will be the day of ‘el Carmen’ on Wednesday the 16th July, celebrating the maritime-come-land procession. The councillor, Antonio José Martín, has explained that «it’s one of the most well-known and important processions within the province and this year it will once again embrace a pyro musical show in the Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana».

The feria’s program will begin on Tuesday the 15th July followed by numerous and varied activities for children, a horse parade along the ‘Avenida del Mediterráneo’, choirs, live musical performances, the ‘Máxima FM’ party for young people, choosing the Queen and the final of the second ‘Concurso de Canción Española’ in memory of Marifé de Triana, among others.

The feria by day will be celebrated in the Al Andalus square and along neighbouring streets where the Ayuntamiento continues strengthening the feria and the local artists with bar establishments, dance shows and musical acts. The feria by night will be celebrated in the Huerta Julián zone, where there will be an official tent set up to gather together the collective bars as well as the children’s attractions.

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