Collection of batteries thanks to OSAH

pilasThe Department of Environment of the City of Rincon de la Victoria has signed an agreement with the Social Organization for Humanitarian Action ( OSAH ) for the collection of batteries in the municipality, as reported by the area councilor , Sergio Diaz.

It is an agreement by which the association shall remove used batteries that citizens place in the containers provided for deposit. “It’s an initiative that involves no cost to the Town council since the current collection bins for clothes installed in the town will be adapted by OSAH,” he explains .

On signing the collaboration agreement , the group is responsible for the collection of waste , installation, maintenance and conservation . The waste will be handed over to the European Recycling Platform Company , which is an Integrated Management System (IMS ) for pan-European collection and recycling of batteries and accumulators in order to ensure proper environmental management.
There will be a total of ten points for collecting used batteries distributed around the Town. The duration of the agreement is for one year, which can be extended.

This news article has been translated by members of the New Residents and Foreign Association of Malaga. If you would to become a member or further details please contact Aprile Winterstein 630927226 or in their Facebook page

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