Benagalbon celebrates its XXXVI cultural week with more than 30 activities planned


centrofolcloreAs of yesterday and until the 3rd May, Benagalbon is holding its XXXVI cultural week with a programme offering more than thirty activities, aimed at everyone, that will take place in different places around the locality.

The mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, the representative for culture and sports, Juan Jesús Bernal, the councillor for this field, Antonio José Martín, and Toñi López, a member of the organising commission, presented the poster for the event last week, made by Jerónimo Díaz who is the last winner of the ‘Certamen de Pintura Arte Joven al Aire Libre ‘Paco Alonso’.


Open-air painting competition ‘Paco Alonso’
One of the most anticipated events in the programme is the ‘Concurso de Pintura al Aire Libre “Paco Alonso”‘, which celebrates its thirteenth edition today, the 25th April, and is aimed at painters of any age and any nationality. This competition will assess the innovative spirit, young and contemporary, of the works that are presented. The artworks must be limited to landscapes, views and plastic interpretations of the town of Benagalbon.
In terms of prizes, the winning piece of artwork will receive 1200 euros and the creator will be obliged to produce the poster for Benagalbon’s cultural week in 2016. The second prize will be of 750 euros, and the third 300 euros.
The judges for this contest are well-known figure within local culture such as Manuel Alcántara (the president of honour), Eugenio Chicano (the president) and the spokespeople Rodrigo Vivar, Aurelio Díaz Trillo-Buly, and Sabina Huber.

II short film competition, CORTOBEN
The second short film festival in the locality ‘CORTOBEN’ is aimed at encouraging and increasing the cinematographic culture in la Axarquia, motivating the appearance of new creators within the province as well as the participation of the more experienced.
‘CORTOBEN’ will encourage those that are interested in cinema to create their own pieces, with any theme and a duration of 20 minutes maximum. The semi-final will take place in the auditorium of the ‘Centro de Interpretación del Folclore Malagueño y Artes Escénicas’ in Benagalbon on the 27th and 28th of April. The final will be celebrated on the 1st of May.
Click HERE for the rules in order to enter the competition.

For the whole family
‘La Noches de La Noche de Jóvenes Flamencos’ on the 1st May at 22:00, will comprise of Mamen Ruiz and José Manuel Fernández singing, Rubén Portillo playing the guitar, and Carmen Camacho dancing in Benagalbon’s ‘Centro de Estudios del Folclore’ auditórium.
In terms of music there will also be the XXI ‘Jóvenes Intérpretes’ concert in Benagalbon’s church today at 21:00 and Rincon de la Victoria’s ‘Banda Municipal de Música’ concert taking place in the Flores square on the 3rd May.
A popular open-air dance, the ‘Viajero de Copla’ gala, a bike ride, workshops and children’s entertainment, a hot chocolate party, a mass for the Virgen del Rocio and a ‘Romería a la Cañada del Chaquetas’ are other activities that you can participate in as locals or visitors.
Click HERE for the complete programme of events.

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