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amanecerLa asociación de mujeres Amencer de la Torre is a group of women who live in the area of Torre de Belagalbón, who meet each week for a chat and a get together. They also organize cultural excursions. Their main aim is to create a group that feels comfortable enabling the participants to forget their problems for a few hours.

It was started in 1996 as there was nothing for women in the area; all the Hogares de Jubilado centre on the needs and wants of men. They started the get-togethers to share crafts, like crochet and the like, but now are open to everything.


The participants look forward to the Thursday evenings when they all meet for coffee. One of the members says that “it has given me a life”, and her husband thinks she spends so much time with the group that she should leave him a picture as a reminder.
Although they believe there may be grants available they have no help from the town hall. They believe that the only time the town hall acknowledges them is at election time. Once they have finished everything is forgotten.

Because they have no grants they utilize the skills within the group in hobby workshops. They also run a theatre workshop which does street performances. It is all self-taught and self-generated.
A volunteer comes in once a week to give a memory workshop, in which they work with numbers, and memory games. There is also someone that helps out the women with free legal consultancy.

They would love to be able to offer more, such as Tai Chi, or courses on the internet, but they lack any funding, so at the minute this is just a dream.
They are now trying to encourage younger members of the female population to join. Anyone who wants to have a giggle and a bit of a chinwag should pop along on Thursday to share a coffee. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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