A fall in the number of traffic accidents and public reports in Rincón de la Victoria during 2014

policia4According to the mayor and head of the local police, Francisco Salado, Rincón de la Victoria noticed a fall of 11 percent in the number of traffic accidents during 2014 compared to the previous year.

The evaluation carried out by the local police confirms that there were a total of 220 traffic accidents in the municipality, in which more than half of the drivers involved were men, with reports due to collisions, material damage and injuries in the majority of cases. The incidents mainly took place along the larger streets during weekdays.


Traffic reports also fell by 36 percent. Among the most common were reports of having exceeded the speed limit, having not obeyed a no parking sign, or having parked in a loading or unloading bay. As well, reports made by the public had reduced by 9 percent, from 499 to 457, the most common report as due to the loss of documentation, followed by reports of damage to homes or vehicles.

In terms of blood alcohol level control carried out last year, of the 730 tests that took place, only 21 were positive. As well, according to the police evaluation, police officers carried out 9,015 police services throughout the year.

On the other hand, the ‘Unidad Ciclista’, Cyclist Unit, has processed a total of 281 reports, consisting of traffic reports, reports of towed vehicles and abandoned vehicles, as well as a total of 2,834 reports processed on behalf of the investigation and security group.
Salado has emphasised the professionalism and commitment of the local police officers, who “contribute so that each year we can be one of the most safe localities in the Costa del Sol”.

Victoria Contreras
Periodista con más de siete años de experiencia en medios y comunicación institucional en Málaga y Rincón de la Victoria. Co-fundadora de La Voz de Hoy en septiembre de 2012 con el objetivo de dar un espacio de información, opinión y participación a la ciudadanía. Sin periodismo no hay democracia.

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