A chance to hear the new voices of the Malaga province, Rincón holds the first singer-songwriter competition in La sala Las Musas

plazagloriafuertesRincón de la Victoria embraces the first ‘Certamen de Cantautores’ (singer-songwriter competition) which takes the name of the Malaga born Aurora Guirado, and will be celebrated on the 17th and 18th of December, informs the councillor of culture, Antonio José Martín.

It’s an initiative with the aim of “offering new artists in Malaga, and the rest of the province, a musical platform”, says the councillor, while also emphasising the career of the singer-songwriter, Aurora Guirado, connected to the municipality, who “has gained so much success during her professional career”.


The councillor has told us that the people attending “will place their vote in a ballot box at the end of the performances in order to decide, along with a professional judging panel, the best artists”.

Those interested in participating can sign up by sending an email to certamenauroraguirado@gmail.com, along with their name, surname, a photocopy of their DNI, their age, the municipality of the province in which they live, and the names, themes and words as well as the length of the musical piece they’d like to present. The basis of the competition can be found on the webpage www.rincondelavictoria.es and www.auroraguirado.es

Among other requirements for entering the competition you must not already have recorded music on the market and you must be over the age of 16 years.

The judging panel will be made up of three music professionals; musical promotion and production as well as marketing and communication, and a fourth which will correspond to the outcome of the public jury via their votes.

According to the outcome, the three best singer-songwriters will be rewarded; the winner will receive a record deal, editing, production, publication and promotion of their piece by the musical producer Mantovani Music. The two runners up will receive 200 and 100 euros in cash and gifts as well as recognition by the organisation.

The semifinal will be held on the 17th December at 20:00 with an entrance fee of 3 euros and the final will be held on the 18th at 21:00 with an entrance fee of 5 euros, where the public will also be able to enjoy a performance from Aurora Guirado.

Victoria Contreras
Periodista con más de siete años de experiencia en medios y comunicación institucional en Málaga y Rincón de la Victoria. Co-fundadora de La Voz de Hoy en septiembre de 2012 con el objetivo de dar un espacio de información, opinión y participación a la ciudadanía. Sin periodismo no hay democracia.

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